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Name: Christine
Age: 13
Sex: Female
1. Go to this site: Choose your wand. Pick your wand and then paste what the site says your wand would be good for: 9 1/2 inches, swishy, holly, dragon heartstring, Your wand will mkae you especially good in Flying! You will be an excellent Quidditch player.
2. What types of memories would you put in the Pensieve? Good? Bad? and why would you choose those? I would put both good and bad memories in. Good memories so I could call upon them at will and relive them as often as I'd like. And bad memories so I don't always have them nagging at the back of my head, memories I don't ever want to remember.
3. How do you feel about the Dark Arts? For? Against? Indifferent? Indiferent. It would be interesting to study them. But I would never go so far as to use them on another Human Being. That's where I draw the line.
4. Which person from the Harry Potter world do you feel you relate the most to and why? Luna, she's a bit odd, misunderstood, and somewhat smart. We are very much alike. I know what it's like to be sort of outcast and thought of as "weird".
5. Which character from Harry Potter is your favorite and why? Ron, nearly everything he does is funny, and he's totally clueless when it comes to girls, (at least Hermione). I just love him!
6. Which character from Harry Potter is your LEAST favorite and why? Snape, most of you probably know why, he liked to Dumbledore and the Order, and, well, really decived everyone. He's a lying, sneaking, murderer who needs to die!
7. What wizarding job would you like to have? Auror, it seems like such an interesting job. Fighting dark Wizards for a living, count me in!
8. As a student at Hogwarts, how would you spend your free time? Exploring everywhere I can. Having a good time with my friends.
9. Colors tell a lot of people. We ask you to pick a color from Color Symbolism Chart that fits you best. Copy and paste it here. Green
Nature, environment, healthy, good luck, renewal, youth, vigor, spring, generosity, fertility, jealousy, inexperience, envy, misfortune.

10. Name a person, alive, dead or even a character from a movie or book, that you most admire. Why do you admire this person? I don't admire any specific people, I admire qualties that people posess. Loylaty, determination, individuality, confidence, courage, independence. Those are just a few qualties I admire in a person. But, I do admire anyone who has done something that they were told they would never do. (I can't think of anyone in specific off the top of my head)
11. If you could own any magical creature, what would it be? Probably a Phoenix, there so beautiful and useful too.
12. In your opinion, what are one or two of your strongest personality traits? (example: outspoken, kind, funny, etc. Pick only up to two) I can be outspoken at times and I'm softhearted.
13. What is one of your own biggest character flaws? (example: I talk too much, I'm lazy, etc. Pick only one!) I really don't like stealing from the examples, but I talk way to much. Anyone who knows me can tell you that. Give me a topic I know just a little bit about and I can ramble on about it for hours, seriously.
14. What qualities do you value in a friend? Loyalty, someone who will always be there for me, no matter whats going on, someone who has a sence of humor.
15. If you were faced with a boggart (something that takes the shape of something you fear), what shape would it be? Well, I am quite afraid of heights, even thinking about them my hands get a cold sweat, there cold and sweating as I type this. It's because I fell out of a tree when I was in 2nd grade, I was acctually pretty high up. But I don't know how a Boggart would use that.
16. If you looked into the Mirror of Erisid, what would you see? Myself, happily married to the man I love living in a small home in English Countryside. Suscuessful at my job.
17. Which of the Harry Potter books was your favorite and why? It's a tie between GoF and HBP. There both good. I love all the romance in HBP and GoF. And there both full of action.
18. What is the worst quality you believe that a person can possess? Someone who is conceited. There the worst.
19. What house do you feel you belong in and why? (Please note this does not mean we will choose for you to be in that house) Hufflepuff, I've been sorted in there at everyother sorting community I've been a member of.
20. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? I'm not really sure, I have my insecureities, but theres nothing about me I'd really want to change. I guess I'm content with the way I am.
21. What character would you choose to be your best friend and why? Either Ron or Luna, Ron because he's awesome and could always make me laugh, and Luna because were a lot alike.
22. Which class do you think you would do well in? Why? Charms because it seems like an easy enough class thats somewhat interesting.
23. Which class do you think you wouldn't do well in and why? Potions, I'm not really good with anything that has to do with science, and there sort of alike.
24. If you were on the Quidditch team what position would you like to play? Chaser, I just seems like a fun position. Although I wouldnt mind being able to beat people with heavy balls.
25. Name a quality from each of the four houses that you possess. Gryffindor - Loyal
Ravenclaw - I enjoy learning and reading
Hufflepuff - Loylal, hard-working (most of the time
Slytherin - Arrogant at times
26. How did you hear about us? If it was from someone, please state the journal name, if you saw an ad somewhere, please say where and if you remember also say who placed the ad. I searched "sorting" under intrests
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